1st post… well something like that

… I don’t know how should I start all this.

I’m staring at the screen for like 10 minutes now. So I think I will just… I will just start: Hi.

Well, first things first,  I’m not native English nor fluent, so forgive me if my typing is not perfect. I’m just a Hungarian girl, who is living in the UK at the moment, well for 4 years now actually. I left my home for a reason. And this reason was a hunger for something different and urge to travel and see the world. Well, let’s face it (without being political and all…) Hungary is in a deep shit financially and job-wise too. Deep, deep, deep. So it was me there, freshly graduated with my shiny degree and waiting for the magic to happen. But of course, it did not happen. So at one point, I thought: okay, it can’t be like this, it’s time for a change… My bestie came up with an idea: let’s see what’s going on on the other side of the fence in…

…Austria. I spent a winter season abroad, working in a hell …. sorry…  ski hotel and on my rare days off I made my first traveling pictures. Winter landscapes and mountains and everything… probably this was the time when I fell in love with traveling more and of course deeper in love with photography. But the season ended so I had to go back home with a little bit of pocket money to – at least – start something with.

Bitch, the struggle was real

I bought my first Canon camera and started to learn more and more about photography. Made some photoshoots, mostly fashion and portrait that time, but my true love was always nature and street photography. Anyway. Later on (we are in 2011 now) I managed to save up some money and go on a beach holiday to see the sea (lol) for the first time. So me and… I don’t even know… other 12 people? Yea, probably like 12 … so we could spread the costs and it became low budget and manageable…(Bitch, I know, the struggle was real) so yea, we packed our things and headed to…

…. Croatia. And after I smelled the salty air, tasted the salty water (like literally…  I was a beach virgin, how should I know that you don’t just jump into the sea with your eyes and mouth wide open…?!  Bitch, I’m used to river Danube) .. and felt the Mediterranean vibes and had seafood dinners… yes, that was the exact moment when I fell in love with the beach and this ´islander´ type of lifestyle. And the 10 days passed so quickly and all of the sudden I found myself back in Hungary again… back in reality, doing the same routine every day, just trying to get by from day to day. Living a grey and boring life, with the same boring people around me who did nothing but hold me back for years.

…Life is meant to be lived, memories need to be collected

Everyone around me said things like: My dreams were stupid, my job was stupid, my camera was stupid (… and waaay too expensive of course) my urge to travel was stupid, because FYI, you should build your career first, save money and then probably when you will be 50 or 60 you can start enjoying your life. Fak Dat. Actually, I was stupid for didn’t leave all that crap behind and start to follow my heart earlier. Life is meant to be lived, memories need to be collected and my Darlings…

… that is PRICELESS.


(… I will just leave this picture of Budapest here. Please don’t think that I’m totally anti-Budapest… It’s beautiful, it’s breathtaking, it’s historic, it’s cheap – for a tourist -, it’s just not the best place for opportunities. But I love my home, I really do. I try to go back twice a year. Once in a winter to experience the real feel of -20 Celcius, and once in the summer to experience +40 Celcius… Well, I experienced it in Egypt too, oh and don’t forget the Canary Islands…)
But Home is Home and: ´no matter where I go I know where I came from´

So where are we? Somewhere between 2011 and 2014. I was still hanging around in Hungary, I had a few trips around the country and some abroad like Vienna, cuz it’s very close like 2 hours from Budapest, worth to drive a couple of hours for a visit. I’ve been here and there in Slovakia and Romania, they are also neighbours.

… the sun came up the next day, brighter than ever, and I felt like, finally I am free

I had a trip to Poland, visited Krakow and Auschwitz Concentration Camp and Memorial Park (.. but that will be a blog post in the future)
So blablabla here comes 2014. Suddenly someone left my life, and surprisingly the sun came up next day, brighter than ever, and I felt like…  finally, I am free. The world opened like… literally. Aaanyway. I don’t want to turn this blog into a breakups Cosmo article so…

Remember the Austrian adventure? Well, of course, it was the perfect timing for another one. So my Bestie was already living in England for a while and said it´s more than okay money and jobwise, so when Bestie came home for a week of holiday and said:  there is an empty seat for the flight back so´are you coming or not?´ Bitch. I went downstairs and told my mum: ´mum I’m moving to England´ She was very supportive and I am very thankful for that! To be honest, she saw me struggling and not finding myself at all…  so yea, I bought my – one way – ticket and in 3 weeks I was sitting on an airplane to …

…. Manchester. 


Ahhh this tropical paradise… That makes you want to kill yourself … joking. – or not? –
Let’s face it. The weather here simply sucks. We can experience all 4 seasons in 1 day, it is rainy, and cloudy almost all the time, here up in northern areas the wind is ridiculous too. BUT we have our summer (lol) for 2 weeks in July and another 2 weeks in August. Bitch, once I managed to wear short-shorts. But if you are a depressive person at least it gives you the motivation to chase and find the sun elsewhere. Plus you can easily earn the money for traveling so… after all the reconsiderations: Honey… it is not that bad.

It was literally everything. I felt everything from happiness to sadness from sickness to excitement

Look at me for example. I had a mediocre life in Hungary, had to re-think twice every move in my life, had the urge to travel but not the money. And a few months after I moved to England I booked my ticket to the Canary Islands. Which again will be another post later on, now all I want to share with you is …How all this passion began (girl… bumpy start for sure) and how I felt on the plane on my way to Fuerteventura…
It was literally everything. I felt everything from happiness to sadness from sickness to excitement. I was just looking out of the airplane to the infinite horizon and I had tears in my eyes. Thinking about my old self 6 months before, when I thought – and people made me feel – that I have to wake up because I am living in stupid, unreachable dreams…

And you know what?

           … I am living my dream…                Névtelen


15 thoughts on “1st post… well something like that

      1. srijan

        oh how beautiful, do you seem to be love? for oh i’ll look into your eyes so dreamy only to fall in love with the way you would look at me, for oh my love, you’re beautiful, like no other, just the way you’re!


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  5. Well done, you! Nice to leave the past behind and look to the future – wherever it takes you! Nice that your mum is supportive of your move! Its nice to visit home – maybe not to stay – but maybe just for a visit!


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