Canary Islands – Fuerteventura


Yo te contaré una historia de como España me robó el corazón…

Or something like that… I’m not fluent in Spanish either, I wish I would though – working on it – because I am in loveee with the Spanish culture, music, food, language and everything since … I don’t even know. Oh yes, I do. Since Ricky Martin started to shake his Bon Bons (´butheisgay´ commenters: …  go home. Thanks) So no secrets here, from age, let’s say 12,  I grew up listening to his music, and Shakira, The Iglesias, then Aventura came… and you can’t stop and won’t stop dreaming about one day you will be living somewhere tropical…Still haven’t happened though, cuz my base camp is in England…but minor details.

… And bammm 15 years later, magically,  it happened: I went to Spain, more specific: Fuerteventura – Canarias.
After I moved to England, and manage to start saving up money,  me and my Bestie (yusss Bitch, Bestie is still around) decided that it is time for a holiday. We had a couple of trips to London and the seaside of Liverpool and Blackpool before, but an English beach is not your typical white sandy beach with palm trees and coconuts. But at least it’s better than nothing if you are in desperate need of Vitamin Sea. So forget city breaks and all… Let’s go to the beach for a week. The one and only option was Spain. No open discussions about it.
So we booked our tickets, we were excited as fuck, but of course, it was another 700 days to go. At least it felt like that… And on a lovely September morning, around 6 am we started our journey. My first long(er) haul flight, my first trip to Spain, my first holiday whatsoever since I was a strong independent woman living abroad, far from family. As I said in my previous post, it was an emotional flight, thoughts were running through my mind like crazy, I felt proud of myself, I really did. And then I fell asleep… and suddenly my Bestie woke me up saying: ´they are serving the breakfast´

bac– Bitch, it’s 9:15 am.
– Fuck we are on holiday.

 Así es como comenzó..

I think we had a 5-hour flight, and then a transport from the airport to the hotel. We arrived at the hotel finally, and decided to take a look around in the area, and have dinner somewhere – and carry on drinking – We found a nice restaurant nearby called Waikiki Beach Club (hashtag notsponsored)
We got a table next to the beach front. We were just there like… wow… we are barefoot in the sand, next to the sea, drinking caipirinhas, and eating btw the most amazing and huuuge sirloin steak like…  ever. Felt so unreal.

So pretty much this was our first day. And we thought that ´oooooh this beachside, ooooh this blue water oooooh it´s the most beautiful ever´
Oh, we were so wrong.  Next day after the breakfast we headed to the beach at the other end of the street, called Flag Beach in Corralejo.

Damn…this is not Lake Balaton

It was about a 20-minute walk, but we didn’t mind, at least we explored the area and everything. The last hundred meter is painful though, through all the sand dunes – 1000 degrees of course. And on the top of a tall dune, we saw the view and it was breathtaking. My Bestie said: ´damn, this is not Lake Balaton´ Well nope, it is sooo not… It was the most beautiful beach and landscape I saw in my life – well at least until that day.


… hashtag nofilter. Yea I know … it fucked me up too. I mean just…  take a look.
*emotional breakdown*
Okay, we can carry on with a storytime here: it was very warm that day,  nice, sunny it was just perfect. And it was windy… Oh, yea… So you didn’t feel at all that the sun was pretty much burning through your bones… You have to know that my skin tone is like…  Snowwhite, that gets burnt not tanned. So I was even wondering like… ahhh I feel nothing, finally I might not gonna get sunburnt but I will manage to have a nice tan. Bitch, NO. We headed back to the hotel, after spending the whole day literally out in the sun I started to feel a little tingling here and there in my body … and not in a good way. Long story short I was a tomato from my pinky toe to my hairline. Next day I couldn’t leave the hotel room, I felt sick literally. I was under the aircon in a dark room covered in aloe vera gel.

A tiny untouched island, with crystal clear lagoons, a handful of local old fishermen and one amazing little restaurant

And on the next day, when I was just half dead by that time, we went on a boat trip to Isla de Lobos. This island is roughly 5 km away from Fuerteventura, there are a couple of boats and/or ferries heading there for like 10€ I guess every hour from the harbor in Corralejo.
What can I say? This trip was pretty much one of the highlights of the vacations. A tiny untouched island, with crystal clear lagoons, a handful of local old fishermen and one amazing little restaurant where they serve fresh fish, or paella. I remember I asked an old woman like: holaaa do you have any sandwiches or snacks or chocolate or something? Tea? (shit, I’m slowly becoming an English Lady here…) Couple second of silencio and confusion and she replied: Fiiiiish. Paella. Mmmkay, Paella then. I can’t find a TripAdvisor page for this restaurant but according to google it’s called: Chiringuito Lobos Antoñito El Farero


Foodporn, I know… This paella was the best I’ve ever tasted. Not till that day, actually, till today. Made from scratch by local islanders with fresh seafood that they probably fished out in the morning, it was an amazing gastro experience. This trip was a day long, we had time to hike and wander around on the island. Probably it’s not the tropical paradise that you would imagine because the whole island is covered with black volcanic rocks. But – for me – it totally worth the day trip.  I will leave few pictures here:

We also had a trip to the other side of the island, an area called El Cotillo. There’s a local bus you can catch for few euros, and it will take you straight to the beachside. It’s a coastal town, with amazing view to the endless ocean. We found everything here from cliffs to a sandy beach.  It was peaceful, not too touristic, at least the time we were there. Pure relaxing for a whole day…

These trips were the active part of the holiday, the rest was all about eating good food, drinking – but we are not alcoholics I swear – and just chilling on the beach.

…and we realized that the people from the next room are also out on the balcony dancing and singing to our music

We had a 90´s party in our room one night, sponsored by Nsync, La Bouche and Mr. President and the rest of the gang. When my Bestie went out for a cigarette to the balcony we realized that the people from the next room are also out on the balcony dancing and singing to our music.
On our last night, we decided to have a Tapas, it’s a must in Spain. So we were walking around, and find a place I think the name was El pajaro or something like that. We got our welcomes from the owner, god he was the nicest old man ever, with amazing Bacardi free-pouring skills… Make a triple papá, it’s fineee! Oh, and the waiter probably was his hottt grandson. Muy guapo, eh? Yepp… The food was amazing, just enough portions, so we could manage to try few different items from the Tapas menu.
Foodporn. Our menu was: paella – for a change, spanish omelette, croquetas, jamon with queso, some albondigas y bacardi + coke (heeellooo?) … and the waiter guy.

Altogether. Wow. Emotional, fun, exciting, relaxing holiday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go back to the Canarias just yet, but it is on my list. Fuerteventura is a nice island, quiet but beautiful and we only discovered the northern part this time. I guess down south is amazing too I heard so much about Jandia for example. And of course the rest of the Canaries… Gran Canaria, Teneriiifeee, and Lanzarote. It would be so nice to have like a 3 week holiday and travel all the way around the Islands. Hmm… Maybe next time.


P.s.: … when I was thinking about opening this blog, I made a promise to myself that I will never reveal my face – or body. But there you go,  things can change in 2 days

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