Just a quick hi, and a huge thank you

700+ followers… Thank you guys, it’s everything. Thanks for following me on Instagram @nono.nemeth – and reading my blog, which I just opened recently and yet here we are…
I’m shook.
It’s been an eventful, hectic, “whaaat is happening around me” kind of past 2 weeks with shit loads of things to do, while still working at my full-time job. After finishing my shift, I was running home to basically “work” another 6 – 8 hours with designing the website, writing the first few posts and editing tons of pictures …
And of course learning about this whole social media thingy, cuz… If someone is telling me in the last month like: “hey let’s become a travel blogger…” Yeasure. Well, traveling and photography were always my passions, I loved scrolling through traveler accounts, but to become one? Nah, it’s impossible.
… And here comes the biggest thank you to 2 special people Hannah @intrepidintrovert and Nate @world_nate – thank you guys for opening my eyes, and letting me know that life begins outside of a comfort zone – and a shift based job – and to make me believe that it is, in fact, possible!
Thank you!

Ps: I will keep up the good work, you guys should too, so read – follow – share my blog

And if you want to hang out with me between uploads then you can find me on Instagram  and Facebook for daily updates

Oh by the way… New post on Monday about Madrid – yea 80% of you voted for Madrid over Egypt in the last Instagram poll so… wish and you shall receive. Lol


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