Lost in Egypt | pt. 2

Szevasztok,  jó reggelt (hi, good morning – in Hungarian) … hmmm maybe this will be my catchphrase cuz apparently everybody in the online world needs one… And ´heeey what’s up you guys, yesss’ is already taken by da queen – hashtagiloveshanedawson

Anyway, welcome back for the 2nd part of my Egypt series. Today I will tell you more about the Egyptian vibes I got during my trip, I have few stories about the lifestyle, the Bedouins, and of course, the paradise island called Mahmya.

So, shall we? Okay, the first thing really hit me in Egypt was the huuuge contrast between the luxurious resorts and the surrounding areas. As I mentioned before in part 1 – if you missed it stop reading this post right now, and click here – we had a lovely 5-hour bus ride to Luxor so we could see a bit more of the… I would say, the real part of Egypt. And I have to admit and don’t judge me now, it was bizarre. Literally, 15 minutes drive away from our resort it felt like we are in… To be honest I don’t even know where, because I’ve never seen anything like that in my life before. It was also really emotional, and some sort of a wake-up call like… ‘shut up bitch, stop complaining when something is not working out just fine in your life and your diamond shoes are too tight’

It was unbelievable to see all these people living in a way as they, unfortunately, have to… without being disrespectful, I swear I have no bad intentions with these few sentences at all… It’s just sharing.
I recorded a video from the bus, it’s from my private Instagram account.  I will just leave it here without any further comments.

We also had a day fully planned in the desert. We signed up for a desert quad safari. They took us to the middle of nowhere with a jeep, and we had to sit in the back of the car on the floor – cuz fuck car seats really.  Bestie just took a deep breath and said: ‘do you remember the movie called Taken?’ of course we burst into laughter but for a second I was like: well you have a point…
After the driver dropped us in the desert we had a chance to have fun in sand buggies for like an hour and after that, we got our quad – and the tour guide – so we continued our way deep into the desert. We stopped in a small village, actually it was way too small to call it a village maybe it’s only a clan or a tribe with like 30 people living there only. And they are the Bedouins. . .

…Bedouins are nomad people living in the desert…

According to Wikipedia, Bedouins are nomad people living in the desert. Our tour guide had amazing knowledge again, it was a crazy experience they showed us their things for daily use, such as… a toothbrush, which was a wooden stick. Yepp. I can’t say this enough I guess, but this trip was crazy… Experiencing this completely different culture with its ups and downs. Meeting the people, learning about history… And sharing a freshly made bread with a Bedouin family for lunch.

This is something I recommend to everyone with all my heart. 

Bam Bam Bammm, Bestie revealed… well sort of. Now you know that Bestie is, in fact, a living person. But who is behind this glorious title? Bring on the conspiracy theories. A boy? A girl? Siri? You will find out soon… or later.

Fun fact: the Bedouin men also taught us how to ride a camel. These animals are hilarious. If you ever ride a camel before you know why, if not then you should, and my advice is to hold on tight. Lol

Pimp my ride

Our day wasn’t over just yet, a jeep came to pick us up again and took us to a restaurant kind of thing, or some sort of a base camp in the desert where they kept all the quads and buggies for the night. We were invited to traditional Egyptian dinner, with delicious food, amazing vibes and great people sitting around a fire. It was also some entertainment during dinner with belly dancers and few brave guys arrived and it turned out they were fakirs, who can walk on broken glass and fire and everything. It was scary, but wow.
Great and eventful day, but sadly it ended and we arrived back to our hotel, we passed out pretty soon, and I  just couldn’t wait for the next day…

Storytime: I introduced Ali the barman in part 1 already, he was a lovely guy, he took good care of us – drink wise – during our stay at the Sunrise Holidays Resort . We thought that we will give him a good tip, even though he might had to share – hopefully not – cuz he deserves it. I am not gonna tell exact amounts now – cuz I don’t want to sound boujee or whatever at all, and again no intentions here to be rude or anything – when we handed him the money after our last drink on our 7th night, he was shaking and nearly cried.

…no intentions here to be rude or anything…

We were just like okay, at least he is grateful. We went up to our room, and this situation didn’t leave me alone for a while, and I said to Bestie, let’s just google it and find out how much was it. And the biggest shock hit us right there, even aaaafter aaall the things we saw during these days… We nearly gave him a monthly Egyptian wage as tips. And for us with British pounds, it was like… 20 something pounds each.

Anyway, let’s move on. I told you in my previous posts how much I enjoy traveling off-season. Well still can’t deny it. Cuz our next stop was an eco-paradise, Mahmya. Probably it was 30 of us only on the whole island. It was perfection. Peaceful nature without hundreds of tourists. I can’t even imagine how crazy – and full – it must be during the summer season…  This island is like an hour boat ride away from Hurghada, even just the boat trip itself is an experience, the Red Sea is unbelievably beautiful, crystal clear water everywhere around you, and if you are lucky enough you can see dolphins too. And when you arrive and step off from the boat you will be like: is it the Caribbean or whaaa? White sand clear blue water, almost as amazing landscape as it was in Fuerteventura – you know me by now, Spain for me is everything, so that’s why I will never admit that this beach was better… But it’s might better. Might.

…the Red Sea is unbelievably beautiful, crystal clear water everywhere around you, and if you are lucky enough you can see dolphins…and it is one of the best places on Earth for diving

It was also an option to go snorkeling in the coral reef nearby. Which is an amazing thing if you are into this kind of things. It’s well known that the Red Sea is the world most beautiful sea – and the cleanest as well – so no doubts, it is one of the best places on Earth for diving. This day was all about chilling, we didn’t mind at all, and for sure we chose the perfect spot to recharge. On our way back to Hurghada we saw another amazing sunset in the middle of the Red Sea… it did not beat the one we saw on River Nile  – I mentioned it in Part 1. – but still, it was breathtaking.

I’m not – yet –  a vlogger and certainly wasn’t 3 years ago, so the sound of this video is shit, all you can hear is the annoying wind sound so I would suggest mute your device before pressing the play button… and don’t even mention my old phones quality, but just ksssh and watch:

What can I say? It was a dream come true for me, or at least half a dream, cuz I still want to see the pyramids too, but as I said before, it will be another trip to Cairo one day. But for now, it was more than enough. First thing on my bucket list ✓, another breathtaking beach ✓, another different culture and gastronomy ✓, camel ride ✓, wild dolphins almost ✓…

Living my dreams:  ✓

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 Jó éjszakát… Szevasztok


10 thoughts on “Lost in Egypt | pt. 2

  1. Cool post.
    I travelled to Egypt for one month back in 1985, when I was on my solo-backpacking trip around the world – no quad bikes back then. 😉

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.


  2. It’s an adventure indeed. I have seen the Red Sea before in another Country but unfortunately no time to stop and enjoy it. Good to see this part of the World. I wanted to go to Egypt someday! Thanks for checking out my site, appreciated.


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