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Jó reggelt, szevasztok

This post will be a bit different today,  more like a photo diary thing… Simply because I already wrote a post about Paris, so there’s not much I can say this time. I will leave some storytime bits here and there but let’s focus more on the beauty of the city with the classics, and some hidden treasures…
I got lucky, the weather was really good this time – early May – so I managed to shoot some great pictures. It was so colorful and green, which I really missed last time – well it was in February so what I was even expecting really – yet still not covered by tourist everywhere.


Needless to say, I fell in love with Paris, but… yet again those ‘salespeople’… Storytime: This time they caught me – literally – around the Palais Garnier… where a couple of  – clearly not French –  girls were collecting money for French homelessness (?) and they just…  covered us, nowhere to run, no left, no right and just kept saying: ‘sign it, sign it, charity’ … even though I told them many times I do NOT want to sign and just … nope. Few seconds later an English lady walked by next to me and whispered:  ‘mind your bags, Darling’ … When we wanted to walk away one of the girls touched my back and grabbed my shoulder and said: SIGN it. –  bitch, back off now for real.


So, for me, this is pretty much one of the biggest downsides of Paris. Like why? Why they have to be this aggressive with tourist. I’ve been to few cities already, although I can’t call myself a world traveler just yet, but jeez…  I know they are around in every touristic city, but I did not experience anything like this so far in Spain, Portugal or even in England before… Maybe in Egypt, yes –

Jardin des Tuileries + Louvre

Storytime – this will be a pleasant one finally, I swear… That day when we were wanderlusting in Paris it was a demonstration in the city about … something… and when we wanted to go from Louvre to the Eiffel Tower all the buses were out of service. So we were a bit lost, and confused about how to go from A to B, tried to figure out the maps in one of the stops. Probably we looked so desperate cuz suddenly a man appeared and greeted us: Bonjour! … – Holaaa, lol – he happened to be a bus driver and told us the buses are not really going anywhere due to this whateva that’s going on in the city, but…

…. BUT he will take us as close as possible to the Eiffel Tower!!!

So we got a whole private tour bus taking us to our next destination. I mean… good people are really out there, just hard to find them in this world lately…

Tour Eiffel + street view

The tourist:


If you walk around in the city and keep your eyes open, you can find so many sophisticated street art on the walls and it just fits…  – I have to admit there are crappy ones too –

I couldn’t find all of them obviously – due to short time – but I will leave some links here for you to check out if you are into these things:

Urban Adventures – Where to find the best street art in Paris

Culture Trip – 10 places to find amazing street art in Paris

Time Out – Street Art in Paris

La Géode

This building is so cool, we didn’t exactly know what is it, but later on, my good friend Google told me that this is, in fact, a cinema. You can find it in Parc de la Villette if you are interested, we didn’t go in, which I regret a bit now… but hey, there’s always the next time… And soon Paris will become my second residence anyway, sooo…
By the way, I think this area would be more popular and touristic if it would be closer to the city center.

Parc floral
 de Paris

Here you can have your classic tourist pictures with the huuuge letters. The nearest metro station is Chateau-de-Vincennes. Also a bit far and but worth a visit, and easily could be more popular…

Louvre and more + nightlights

As I mentioned in my previous posts I am crazy about night lights. So we decided to go back to Louvre after sunset, and walk around a bit…

Louvre Palace

Keeps getting better as the sun goes down…

… and the grand final:

20180503_213648I know.

…. + few random shots

… Jó éjszakát, szevasztok!

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  1. I had 2 VERY strange experiences in Paris, too – both petty theft – too weird – but I loved Paris just the same! I toured Paris with a group of female artists – so it was complete pandemonium at all times! Loved the Louvre and ALL the museums! We stayed in Montmartre – which was incredible! So glad your trip ended – like mine – on a high note👍👍👍👍😍👍👍👍

    1. Oh god, theft both times? Awful… But yes, sadly I have to admit that I don’t feel like… safe in Paris. Even though the city itself is beautiful 😍

  2. So many great photos! Have to agree on the aggressiveness of some of the people after your money though, it’s awful.

    1. Thank you 🙂 and it’s good to know that I’m not alone with my thoughts on this subject… In which city did you experience similar things?

      1. Paris would be the main one to be honest, I’ve been lucky and not experienced it anywhere else that I’ve been. Not to that extent anyway.

    1. it’s huuuge, mesmerizing. Sadly the queue was huge too so we decided not to wait, but the view from top must be breathtakingly beautiful too 🙂 next time…

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 You should definitely go to Paris one day! I’m also planning to go back… Few days are not enough at all

  3. I live in Montréal, Canada where there happens to be a lot of French expats. Whenever I tell them that I’ve been to Paris, and loved it, they all recoil in horror: “UGH! Paris sucks!” and I’m like, “Whaaaat?!”

    But I get it: living and visiting are two different things (eg. I hated living in Vancouver and have no desire to move back). For travellers, Paris has SO much to offer. I spent a full week there and still missed out on several attractions! My favourite attraction in Paris was the modern art museum (Centre Pompidou).

    Did you manage to leave *without* buying an Eiffel tower tchotchke?

    1. Oh yes, few days are not enough at all… I’m also planning to go back very soon. My favourite building is the La Geode, I really like that area all the way next to the river

  4. You have whetted my appetite for our upcoming Paris visit in mid September. Thank your for reminding me to watch out for street street hustlers.

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