City break in Poreč and Plitvice Lakes – Croatia

Jó reggelt Croatia, szevasztok…

This morning let’s just have a quick one before work – winky face –

Poreč is a beautiful, seaside city in North Croatia. Perfect for a little getaway, especially if you are really into history and architecture. You can find many ruins and Roman temples. The Basilica is a Unesco World Heritage site from the 4th century. The old town still has a typical old Roman street layout, with 2 main symmetrical roads that still have the old names: Decumanus Maximus and Cardo Maximus, with tiny cobblestone streets where it’s sooo easy to get lost for hours.
Poreč was once surrounded by defensive walls,  at the north side, you can still see the town walls and remains of the North Tower.

Poreč has over 10 km of coastline. You can find all kind of beaches here from rocky, pebble to sandy. The water is crystal clear and calm, so it’s perfect for families. The most popular one is Gradsko Kupaliste only like 1 km away from the center. Due to the short time, we couldn’t explore the area as much as we did back then in Rab Island but I’m sure there are plenty beaches to discover around the area too.

… watching the sun goes down…


… spontaneous turn, and just a few hours in Plitvice Lakes National Park

It’s located in the middle of the country, like around 130 km from the capital, Zagreb. It is great since it’s in the middle, it makes it easy to visit on a day trip basically from any major city in Croatia.

IMG_2186psFirst of all, the colors in this place are unbelievable

The National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage in 1979, and it’s world-famous for the 16 lakes arranged in cascades.
Second of all, bitch. Don’t be crazy like we were. Just go and spend there a day – or even 2 – 3 days easily, cuz it’s just… surreal, with the breathtaking views,  and the turquoise waters. They have day tickets and different packages, it depends on how long you want to stay. As I noticed the most expensive ticket in the main season was €34 for an adult/day. You can also get a private tour guide for €100. The transportation inside the park is included. There are ferries and small trains you can use with your ticket and it will take you from one side of the park to the other.
There are many restaurants on station points, where you can get a bite. Well, you can take snacks with you, but for the love of God, please. Do not leave the shit there after you had your sad sandwich, grab your rubbish don’t just throw it away, cuz I personally will go after you and break your hand. 🙂

*Oh, important thing: swimming in the lakes is FORBIDDEN
** The park is open all year but has opening times from 7 am to 8 pm.


… Jó éjszakát, szevasztok!

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  1. Wow I love your content and this post really resonated w me bc I’ve visited here as well. I would love and really appreciate your direct feedback & criticism about my blog and posts xoxo


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