Winter Wonderland, Rauris – Austria

Jó reggelt, szevasztok…

♫ The hills are alive … with the Sound of Music ♫


After I finished University back home in Hungary it was time to do something with my life and make the so-called magic happen with the shiny diploma in my hand. Of course, it did not happen… So Bestie convinced me to try to find a job on the other side of the fence, in Austria. Well, one thing is true… Damn the grass is fucking greener there, I mean the landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful.
As I mentioned in my first post ever on this blog this trip was a bit of a life-changing experience.

… So it began …

It was one of the first trips I took, and it made me fall in love with nature photography and the whole idea of traveling. We moved to a small town called Rauris and worked in a hell … sorry… ski hotel. Aaand… yep. Enough about this topic. It’s better for everybody if I won’t start to write a hotel review about that place.


Rauris is roughly one and a half hour away from Salzburg, and near to Kaprun and Zell Am See, the two skiing paradise.
You know me by now, I’m more of a beach, tropical and exotic kind of girl, but God… Austria is magical. On our rare days off we tried to explore the area as much as it was possible. We arrived in September, and the autumn colors were mesmerizing.

Everywhere you go you are surrounded by mountains and clear blue sky. I totally got the Sound of Music vibes… That movie is literally everything to me. It is my entire childhood. The beautiful landscape scenes were shot in Salzburg’s Lake District, the Salzkammergut. Also, I really wanted to make a day trip to Salzburg to visit the Von Trap mansion, which is basically two different buildings in real life Schloss Frohnburg and Schloss Leopoldskron.
If you like the movie as much as I do, then check out this link below, it goes through all the locations, and where exactly to find them:

Few more random shots from the area… I guess this post turned into a Photo Diary thing, I just can’t decide which picture to keep and which should be deleted…

I remember one day we were hiking up in the mountains, I was wearing a light jacket and a t-shirt, sunglasses on. It was a beautiful day. And the next day we woke up – in early October somewhere – and it was massive snow everywhere. Well… it was a great surprise, although I’m used to crazy winters. In Hungary, you can easily experience -20C.

Now that I went through all my pictures, I have to admit… this post makes me want to go back to Austria one day. It’s definitely back on my list – actually, this is how I feel about all the places I visited years ago… I wrote the post and I just want to go back. Yea, it’s all clear now… This is the travel bug.


Jó éjszakát, szevasztok!

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*** Outtakes ***

Don’t try to finish a snowman’s face with colored chalk…



5 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland, Rauris – Austria

  1. The chalk snowman is the best part. Reminds me of Homer Simpson’s “makeup gun”.

    Are the roads super narrow in the mountains? Not surprisingly, Austria looks just like Switzerland. I would love to do some cycle touring there but I recall the roads being scary-narrow and am wondering whether Austria is the same.


  2. #1 I love the Sound of Music. #2 Your pictures of Austria are breathtaking. I’m from Mississippi, USA. And now I think my first overseas is definitely going to be to Austria in the Fall. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.


  3. Oh and the pictures of the snow….LOVE! You experience snow in Hungary where you grew up but in the southern parts of the USA, snow is most unlikely in the winter and never in the Fall. 🤣


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