My itinerary for Mexico

Jó reggelt Mexico, szevasztok…

Unnnbelievable how fast days are passing by. When I booked my ticket to Mexico it was ‘only’ 183 days left till departure, and now I’m nearly in the final countdown: 19 days to go. By the time I will upload this post – especially if I will be a lazy ass – it might be only 10 days to go.

Biiitch fuck me up, I’m so excited

… And also a bit worried about the hurricane and the sargassum situation. But well … nature… You can’t control hurricanes – or can you? Aaanyways, this trip will be literally everything even with the seaweed or whateva, just let me go finally.


So to sum up:
* first overseas long-haul flight – bring it on 10 hours.
* first real tropical vibe – heeellooo, it’s the Caribbean.
* another bucket list moment with Chichen Itza and Tulum.
… And probably my heart will be broken by a Mexican this time. Or he will be my long-lost secret twin brother? Damn those telenovelas.

I remember in the late 90’s when you turned the TV on, all afternoon it was nothing but telenovelas.

Remember this one?

nooo, this one was epic

No? Just me?
Okay. I’ll go home then.


But these were the good old days. No wonder why I’m into Latin Lovers. It’s because of all them Jose Luis Fernando Eduardos affected me from a very early age. When I tell my friend the usual ‘oh guess what, I met a guy from Spain / Mexico / Venezuela / Argentina / Cuba / … Italy – ? …. don’t ask… I broke the scheme, now I have to start all over again – she is just like: ‘Bitch this is like a fetish.’

Anyway, let’s move on – and now ‘Rosalindaaa ayyy Amor, ayyyamor’ is in my head.

So, my flight to Mexico will depart on the 17th of October from glorious Manchester, fast forward 10 hours, but jump back 6 hours in time and boom… jetlag? hi.
Arrival to Cancun, shedding few happy tears and then back to the road immediately, heading to Playa Del Carmen. – I’ll be back to Cancun for the last 2 days of the trip, I didn’t plan to spend a lot of time in the city cuz I heard it’s not the safest and definitely not the most special part of the country.

…if you have any suggestions leave it in the comments section below….

During the first couple of days, my residence will be Hotel Riu Palace, I can live with that. It will be nothing but relaxing with our good ol’ friend – bitch – Margarita. I’ve been working my ass off in the past months, so I deserve a little all-inclusive fun to begin my holiday with. And oh god, a deep tissue massage.
– spoiler alert: hotel reviews are on the way too.

Tulum – even more happy tears

The relaxing part will be over, although I will still have the Caribbean view from my room in El Pez Boutique Hotel. But it will be time to discover the Mayan history starting with the ruins in Tulum… Can’t wait for this bit of the holiday. Tulum is one of my biggest dreams, right after Fernando De Noronha – Brazil

Oh Goddd –

Chichen Itza – crying a river of happy tears –
Ultimate destination. The most important ruins of the Maya Empire and its ancient temples hidden deep in the Mexican rainforest. Ahhh.

The classic picture you saw a million plus 1 times probably, and soon I will have my own, obviously. But if you take a look at the aerial shot you realize it’s actually much much more than just the pyramid, El Castillo, that dominates the center of the area. I really hope I will have enough time to discover most of it…


… We will see, but one thing is already sure – even though I’m still sitting in Manchester – I will visit Mexico again, few more times. Well, it would be easier to move there actually… There are waaay too many places I want to visit there, without running and rushing from one to another. During this short trip, I would love to visit Cozumel Island, the Cenotes, and Xel Ha too, but…

… so much to see and so little time

Jó éjszakát, szevasztok!

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*** Bonus Scenes ***
The next song – even tho it’s from Argentina – is dedicated to Bestie, and I just hope that this Bitch will never forget last New Years’ Eve, when this song came up so randomly and we were screaming it from the top of our lungs with shots in our hands – after a 12-hour shift, god bless hospitality workers.


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