When you request an Uber, but get a motivational speaker instead

Jó reggelt, szevasztok…

This post will be just a quick story time – but still travel related – I want to tell you what happened with me this morning.

I had a morning shift today which means waking up at 5:30 am, painful on a Sunday. Even God was resting on Sunday, but whateva.
I requested an Uber, planned the whole morning, I decided to grab some breakfast and coffee before work. Smoooth. Well, the driver canceled on me after already waiting for like 10 minutes for him. The new driver who accepted me was a bit far away and moved so slow. I was fuming. – such an English expression that I hear a lot at work.
The car arrived, and the driver was like a 60-year-old Aladdin. Keeps getting better, I jumped in, headed to work. And here comes the must-have small talk.
– and where do you work?
– in a casino.
– do you like it?
– not my dream job, but gotta pay the bills.
– what would be your dream job?
… I looked at him, I was thinking he won’t even understand or know what is it if I say travel blogger and social media and all, so I just said:
– I would like to write and take photos. But it’s hard to make a living with that.
He looked in a rear mirror and said:
– nooo, you can’t think like this, man.


He told me he picked up a young couple a while ago, and he usually never listens to what people are telling about themselves but they were interesting. He said they told him they traveled all around Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and all these places. Now they are back to the UK for a birthday weekend, and they gonna head to Europe for a month, while working ‘on the internet’

‘Oh do they?’ – I replied … and finished the sentence in my head only with: ‘well, sounds like my dream too…’

… And then suddenly my anger was long gone, I was just sitting on a back seat, smiling and listening.

He said this couple worked in a factory before they could afford the full-time traveler lifestyle. They worked 6 days a week, shift based. And on their only off they worked their asses off on their own business.

…pursue your dreams. Work. You never know what will happen. You never know, man…

Months later they could afford to drop 1 extra day from work, managed to have more time for their own stuff and so on. After 2 years or so they built a successful online brand and now they are completely location independent.

He said: ‘… and I’m working as a taxi driver for 16 years, and here is this young couple in shorts, hanging out with laptops, asking me to drop them off in a coffee shop because they are bored and don’t want to work from home today… life, man. Life. ‘

The life I want.


Before he dropped me off at work he said:
– don’t think like that, pursue your dreams. Work. You never know what will happen. You never know, man…

I was sooo late from work, starving til lunch, but I just couldn’t stop smiling.

These little things in life…

He made my day in half a second…

Jó éjszakát, szevasztok!

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12 thoughts on “When you request an Uber, but get a motivational speaker instead

    1. Tatyana Elmanovich

      Great post, written well, published well. Thank you for reading my Impromptu Healing! I will follow you to be inspired by your excellent publishing, instead of mine — in 5 minutes… and running to the next thing!
      Be inspired by life always,


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