My new Canon G7x Mark II is here

Jó reggelt, szevasztok…

Oh my God, you guys… Today is DA DAY I’ve been waiting for since like March or something. The struggle was real.

… And of course it’s Wednesday again, so my #TravelTuesday category is officially a mess, but that’s just how it is on this blog – and in my life. Hi.
But who cares cuz…

… Look at her, all dressed up


♪ ♫ Isn’t she lovely
Isn’t she wonderful
Isn’t she precious
Less than one minute old ♪ ♫


During the past – well… many, many – years I used quite a few cameras; from Fujifilm to Sony, from Nikon to Canon – the classic war. Used new and old school SLRs and got to try many DSLRs. With this and that, without that and this.

…suddenly had the burning desire for something new…

So nope, I’m not Canon, not Nikon nor Lumix or whateva – bring it on Pentax – I’m a free spirit, wandering around in the market and trying out new things. Always sold my old cameras after a while, especially when I suddenly had the burning desire for something new… some would say I have commitment issues for laughing – crying – out loud.
I was literally driving my mother crazy, cuz she is the kind of person who has the same mobile phone for like minimum 5 years… but since I moved to a different country it’s not an issue anymore – and tattoos neither, sidenote: she hates them. I traveled back home for a summer vacation, totally forgot about my new tattoo and the fact that I accidentally – yea sure… – forgot mentioning to her before, that I’m gonna get another one… So I just put on my bikini, made the tattoo fully visible of course… and peacefully headed to the pool… when something like this happened …


In 2010 I became super obsessed with photography, I was excited to learn about lenses, lights, colors, manual features and all, so I thought it is time to buy my first ‘big’ camera.
I have to admit – it was a Canon 500D. It’s an entry-level camera with 15 megapixels and Full HD videos. I loved it, came in a kit with an EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS and an EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS telephoto lens. Not bad at all for a beginner. A few years later I got an EF 50mm f/1.8 – holy shit, enough of the smart talk with all these specs already. – To sum up it was just perfect for me at the time to learn and practice. Not much to tell, the camera is out since 2009, so I guess there’s nothing new to say in 2018.

…almost like losing the essence of photography…

In the past few years since I’m traveling more often, and choosing destinations a bit more far away I realized that my equipments are just a pain in my big ass – and an extra carry-on bag all the time… It’s very sad I know, and almost like losing the essence of photography, but I often found myself rather taking the pictures with my phone and bye, than to drag a backpack with me and carry the lenses and everything around.

In March this year, when I started my blog I looked around a bit in this whole new world of social media, blogs, vlogs, youtuber things and stuffs, and I straight away fell in love with Canon PowerShot G7x Mark II.

Aaah yea.

She’s sooo beautiful, and small but inside she is a beast… And then I checked the prices.

Oooh nope.

Took me few months to collect the money for it, many times something else came up urgently, such as a trip to Paris or something… And then it crossed my mind to wait for the Mark III, but… But I made the decision. I had to. Especially because in exact 2 weeks from now I will be on a plane to Mexico, so I was like, hell yea, it is the time. And she has arrived yesterday.


I’m pretty late with the review again since the camera was released in 2016, and there’s like zillions of blog posts and youtube videos about it. Everybody was obsessed with this bad bitch. Plus, I got it last night and I couldn’t really test it out just yet so there’s not much I can tell at the moment anyway. Maybe I will bring up this subject again after Mexico, for a quickie only, about my thoughts on it after a good 2 weeks of intense use.
Although it is small – yusss, I thought it will be lighter, have to admit that.


The grip is comfortable for me, I like the material and I’m living for the touchscreen. There’s an option for 17x zoom, and even with that, the picture quality fucked me up. I will try to upload some random pictures now, keeping their original size and everything – probably in a minute WordPress will be like: Bitchwaitwhatnow?
*Update: I had to change the size of the pictures cuz each of them was like roughly 40 something megabytes. So instead of 5472×3648 pixels, I will stick with the good old 1024×683 pixels. It’s just for fun anyway – this is nothing like an official review – but you can still see the power of the 17x zoom.

Big shout out to my flatmate’s flowers bytheway and take a closer look at our grass – pictures taken from the 2nd floor – I have the penthouse suite of the house, yes. haha

So far so good. I love it, but I have to get used to it. Figure out all the little trick and treats it has, but I think it’s great. It just feels great. Can’t wait for Mexico, the pictures will be amazing, and finally…
… I won’t have to ask you anymore to mute your device before opening my videos on the blog.

Jó éjszakát, szevasztok!

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10 thoughts on “My new Canon G7x Mark II is here

  1. Same here! Started the big digital experience with a Canon 500d too and am waiting on my new camera now. I’m stepping into the Fuji world now after running around with Canon, Panasonic, Pentax, Olympus, and some cheapo Kmart krap. We’ll see how this turns out. Thanks for a fun read.


  2. Not4wood

    Just read your wonderful post. I am a member of several Photography Groups on Facebook.
    If you have any questions and/or problems. If I don’t know, I can find out real fast.
    Looking forward to seeing more posts with your images with your New Paint Brush!!


  3. Anonymous

    Enjoy, I would like to read up on your thoughts after some use. It would make a nice second camera as a daily carry round. It looks pretty versatile and the image quality looks great, but a lot of the like/dislike is in the functionality of use.


  4. been watching lots of YT review vids for this camera! if I could afford it I definitely would get one too. second choice is Sony DSC WX500 but not sure if I will get it, as maybe it would be better to buy a new phone in future when I need to upgrade and it would have an upto date camera. however phones are costing £700-£1000 now and that seems too overpriced to me!


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