Mexican adventures Pt. 1 – Playacar, Cancun, Valladolid

Jó reggelt, szevasztok…

As I mentioned in my previous post it’s been pretty rough since I found myself back in reality again after the trip to Mexico. I started to write this post more than a month after I arrived at Manchester. I couldn’t really found – myself… – any energy and focus to write and organize the pictures, or even to care about it, whatsoever… Super weird feelings were running through my mind. But now I’m back on track, I promise… And I’m finally here to share the tea with you guys.

Spoiler alert:

– damn, it’s so weird to actually write again… –

I spent the first 3 days in Playacar, then 3 in Tulum, and the last 3 in Cancun +/- the travelling times between the cities… obviously. I have to say one thing, and make it super clear before I even start this Mexican series… 3 days are fucking nothing in Tulum, 3 days are nothing in Playacar either and 3 days are not much even in Cancun. I didn’t want to rush, I didn’t want to squeeze in 680 different activities, I wanted to chill but explore at the same time. I’m pretty good at organizing, but 9 days in Mexico felt like absolutely nothing…
…. And you will see why.

… Yes, you are right, the upcoming posts and pictures will be extra painful.

After I landed in Cancun a friend pick me up, and straight away we were on our way to Playacar – like 40 minutes drive from the airport.
Playacar is an upscale resort area in the south end of Playa del Carmen. It is a high-end development, closed with gates and guards. Playacar is divided up into two parts.
Phase 1 is smaller, you can find mainly residential houses, condos and villas there. This area and the houses in the jungle were like “wow, I want one and live here for the rest of my life” kinda thing… It is a great area. Sadly, we had no time to discover it properly but we got lost with the taxi on our arrival so we had to take a few rounds around before we found Phase 2…
Phase 2 is huge, includes many all-inclusive resorts, villas, a golf course, a bird park, shopping areas and much more. We were staying in Riu Palace, and with our all-inclusive bracelet we could’ve discovered the other 3 Riu Hotels, try their services and restaurants too… To be honest the area itself is simply amazing with all the small streets in the jungle – even Mayan ruins are hidden here! See? That’s what I meant… 3 days are nothing. Especially if a massive tropical strom hits during one of the afternoons. Shame. Next time.


After Playacar, we were heading to Tulum… But it will be a completely separate post. Beforehand just let me tell you, I fell in absolute love with Tulum. I can totally see myself living there in the future in my little beach villa writing blogs and stuff living my digital nomad location independent life. #sponsoresneeded

After Tulum, we went back to Cancun with a bus. It took like 2 hours or so for a whole big 6£ (… like 160 MXN) the prices are crazy in Mexico – of course, if you are there with your Brittish Pounds or Euros…

…a fat mariachi sitting behind me and staring at my ass because it’s at his eye-level..

I was just like what the actual fuck? A bottle of Corona for 0.20£… will take 10, gracias. Anyway, the bus was also airconditioned, comfortable, and showed 2 movies. I wasn’t expecting that, I had a vision in my mind about a sweaty ride in a bus full of people and a random donkey and maybe 2 chickens and a chihuahua wearing a poncho and sombrero, and me standing for 2 hours in the middle while a fat mariachi sitting behind me and staring at my ass because it’s at his eye-level – just the classic mexican stereotypes.

So, Cancun.
Literally, I spent zero time in Cancun only an afternoon/night. The next day was a full day trip to Chichen Itza from early morning till like 10 pm so it doesn’t really count, I had no energy whatsoever to go out even to have dinner… God bless room service. The next day was my last day, I had to be at the airport at 12pm, so again when should I go sightseeing? So much to see and so little time. But I did visit the La Isla – Shopping Village, but again… I thought I will grab my new Cheeky Panties from Victoria’s Secret, fridge magnets and souvenirs from the locals, run through 3 other shops, have a burrito and the place is discovered. Bitch, no. It’s huge, located on little islands joined together by bridges. Very touristic, it is full of local shops, international stores and restaurants. And a tiiiny bit way too much. Buy this, check this out, look at this, come here. No. Just leave me alone, if I’m interested I will go and check it out. It was one girl there, selling whatever and continously shouting after me – not quite sure if all were nice things to say either – even when I was meters away. It was sooo fucking annoying, I thought I will turn around and someone will end up crying and it’s not gonna be me – I too have my hidden fucked up passionate latina side Babe.


… Just got to love telenovellas


We stopped here for like an hour only on our way back to Cancun from Chichen Itza. Valladolid is a small city somewhere between Merida and Cancun. It’s nice, less touristic so it still has the original charm and history – God, I love the colorful houses sooo much. One hour is nothing here, but for a one day getaway it’s perfect, also it has a really central location. So let’s say Valladolid is your base camp, and you can organize sooo many things from here to any directions. You can easily visit Merida for a day and Rio Lagartos where you can see flamingos and crocs. Many many Mayan ruins are nearby and don’t forget about the cenotes cuz swimming in it is like a lifetime experience. All of the small villages surrounding Valladolid are the homes of the Mayan people and their language, culture and food. Arrangements can be made to visit them in their homes. Ok… I think I just literally planned my next Mexican trip in less than 5 minutes. lol


Bonus infos

I was flying with Thomas Cook Airlines for the first time, and I have to say I was very impressed. A bottle of water was waiting for me on my seat. Waaay too many food and drink option were avaible to choose from. Even the James Martin menu – included – was massive for me. I forgot to take pictures but, if I’m not mistaken, the first meal was some bread roll and cheese and yoghurt and stuff. Then for lunch it was an option to choose from chicken curry and some beef with potatoes. And last but not least it was tea time with some cookies and chocolate mint mousse, and we got ice creams too. I was full for 2 days straight after I landed.
On my way back it was an over night flight, and no one was sitting next to me, so that’s a good news before a 10+ hour flight. I got to keep all the pillows and all the blankets too. Thank you very much. The food was pretty similar on the flight back too, just got a extra yoghurt and muffin for – english time – breakfast shortly before landing in Manchester. There’s many free movies and series avaible on board, and you have the option to “upgrade” for 5£ and you will have access to literally 200 different shows. On my way to Cancun I didn’t asked for it, I was fine with the free options, but then I accidentally saw this in front of me… and I realized I need that damned upgrade on my way back…


Let me show you my favourite view ever…

Good night …

Good morning…

I think that was enough for an intro to my Mexican Adventure Series… Stay tuned for the rest, cuz it’s coming soon… And meanwhile you can take a sneak peak of my pictures on Instagram

Jó éjszakát, szevasztok!

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  1. Next time dont miss Xcaret park… amazing, even for us mexicans. From the bright colors of the Mayan peninsula to the greyness of Manchester, endure by planning your next trip here! Tulum is not such an expensive site to live in actually, my brother lived there.


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