Just a quick thought on solo travels, backpacking and our own safety

Today’s post will be a very random one, a thought that got me and perhaps something that will make you think too. Will make you agree, disagree, upset or sad. I just can’t let this thing out of my mind since I read it.
A few days ago a Brittish backpacker got killed in New Zealand. New Zealand, which is one of the safest countries.

Comments are piling up. She made a mistake? Why she traveled alone?  Why she did this? And why she did that?

But… for real!? Just think about it…

“….Backpacking did not kill Grace Millane. Nor did traveling alone, Tinder, alcohol or going out late. (…) She was travelling the world and she was perfectly entitled to do that without meeting murderous violence. (…) A person killed Grace Millane (…) It is his choices that need scrutinizing and judging thousand times over. What drove him to kill a woman? Why was he violent? Has he been violent before? Why?
He needs to be under the microscope: not Grace Millane…”

credits to Georgina Dent


8 thoughts on “Just a quick thought on solo travels, backpacking and our own safety

    1. Husna

      Hi, maybe being 67 makes me think differently from young people. Safety, my safety is my responsibility and no one else’s. It matters that I am safe where ever I travel. You should not stop going out at night. But just avoid falling victim by being aware of the environment you re in all the time.


  1. I have traveled by myself since I was 20 years old. I am now 65 and I’ve become more aware of my surroundings, especially here in the United States . Bad things can happen anywhere at any time. Stop blaming the victim. What about the scumbag who took Grace’s life?


  2. My girlfriend is a Clerk of the Supreme Court of Thailand and a solo-backpacker. Still, I worry about her when she travels. Some men are evil. That is the sad reality – pure and simple.


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