Mexican adventures Pt. 2 – Chichen Itza, Cenote and Tequila

Jó reggelt, szevasztok…

Drumroll, please… Chichen Itza.

I was waiting for this day like a crazy kid. Chichen Itza was the 2nd thing on my bucket list, head to head with the Egyptian pyramids. We booked a day trip from Cancun to Chichen Itza, combined with Hubiku Cenote and Valladolid. Food and drinks included – shit loads of Tequila and Xtabentún Mayan liqueur – on the bus + a traditional lunch in a restaurant next to Hubiku. All that, if I’m not mistaken, for 1500 pesos – like 50£ – per person. I was super excited, but also had a bit of expectations – and that’s never gonna end well, people.
The Mayan history is mind-blowing – bit cruel here and there though… – but their ability to built all these mesmerizing buildings with all the tiny details with the echo and everything… crazy. Probably crazier than the Egyptian things. Our tour guide had an amazing knowledge and great stories about everything, I really enjoyed the tour.

…The Mayan history is mind-blowing – bit cruel here and there though…

But… I was expecting some kind of a jungle thing, surrounded by nature and the sounds of the wildlife. I knew that it’s a touristic spot, but because it was off season that time, it wasn’t full of tourists everywhere… But… I just felt like I’m in a flea market. All the roads crossing through the jungle were – … are – filled with stalls and vendors selling and pushing the same 10.000 souvenirs. It just felt weird and was a bit disappointing, at least for me. -I mean we are in the middle of nowhere, come on. Anyway… I have to add that you can find many quality things, handmade by locals. So buy your souvenirs there. Plus the usual fridge magnets and stuff are also waaay more cheaper than in Cancun or other cities.

The organized tour wasn’t too long, after an hour or so with the tour guide we got 45 minutes free time, but it felt literally nothing. I could easily spend a day here, discovering every building ad shooting proper pictures. It was a race run like this. Many of the buildings weren’t part of the organized tour, such as the Sacred Cenote or the Observatory. El Castillo was the main attraction obviously, the pyramid of Kukulkan. Temple of the Warriors and also, the Great Ball Court is mind blowing with the echo. In our free time, we were rushing around trying to find everything, but the area is massive. So we only had time to find the Sacred Cenote. I will definitely go back one day, and spend like a night there in one of the nearby hotels and discover the area properly. It is totally worth it. As I mentioned in my previous post about this Mexican adventure, I had a huge problem with the time. 8 days are literally nothing.

So anyway, few pictures from the area of Chichen Itza
The Echo

So if you stand right in front of the stairs, doesn’t matter how far you are, you clap with your hands you gonna hear a bird sound – the quetzal bird was a spiritually important animal to the Mayan civilization. – That’s right. A fucking bird tweeting. Bitch. That just fucked me up, but for real – so much that I forgot to record my own video of it. So here’s one I found on youtube:

… how?

HOW on Earth they managed to do that in like the 12th century. I was shook in Egypt, but that’s “just” like moving huge and heavy stones and build it in a geometrical amazeballs way, but this… this is far beyond that.

In the Great Ball Court is even crazier. Our question was that how did they manage to follow the game, to know what’s going on without any microphones? The answer is super easy – of course. If you clap/whistle/shout/…wooof! at one end it will create 7 echoes that pass through all the court and has a very loud volume.

… Nah-ah.

… Okay and there’s another little fun fact out there. El Castillo is the pyramid – also designed to be a calendar – of Kukulkan, who was a Snake God. The spring and autumn equinoxes are able to create an optical illusion. If the weather is clear enough as the Sun sets on March 21 and September 22, on the northwestern corner of the building a shadow will be visible, and as the Sun turns the snake reaches the Earth.

… It’s just, no.

The Temple of Kukulkan

Before my trip, one of my friend at work said that many years ago she visited Chichen Itza as well, and it was possible to climb all the way up on the stairs. She said she wants a picture of me on the top of the pyramid. Needless to say, I got super excited, without even looking into it. So I was devastated when I found out that, you can’t climb up, actually can’t even go right next to the building anymore.

… so here’s the best I could do Julie

Ahhh, I would die to go inside of the pyramid one day…

Hubiku Cenote + Tequila museum and traditional lunch break

On our way to Chichen Itza we stopped at Hubiku Cenote, which was a pleasant surprise. I thought I won’t be able to see any cenotes. They created a cool area there actually, with a traditional restaurant a tequila museum, and of course the Cenote. It was a freezing cold lifetime experience. First I managed to walk into the water like ankle deep, and then knee high. I thought, Bitch. This is it. No… And then all the 8 to 80 years old people were jumping in the water around me so I was like, I can’t be a pussy and as a level up, of course, I went in without a lifejacket. You only live once, and probably you only swim once in a 40-meter deep max 15°C warm cenote too. – or maybe not, cuz I will make my way back to Mexico as soon as possible and I would love to dive in those crystal clear water.

Cenotes are underground superdeep and cold sinkholes, caves filled with water by the way. Oh, yea… and Mayan used them for human sacrifices mostly… Hi Mum 🙂

It took me a good half an hour to sacrifice myself, so we kind of “wasted” a bit of time here… Bad thing to use the word waste, cuz it was an amazing experience for real, but you see… again. If I would’ve got more time in Mexico then I could’ve spent an afternoon here… This is like an infinite hamster run after the time that is passing like crazy fast in Mexico. Anyway. Next time. So we quickly headed to the restaurant, had amazing food, with great entertainment

After the lunch we literally had 15 minutes left, so we were rushing to the Don Tadeo Tequila Museum, we couldn’t even take a look around, or listen to the whole story of the Tequileras. Just downed like 5 shots quickly, tasted different flavors like coffee, chocolate, coconut, and many ages. The best for me was the coffee one. Can’t even be compared to Cafe Patron. Oh god… So I just had to buy a bottle. Needless to say, after my Mexican heartbreak we finished it on a girls night out – and that didn’t end well…

That’s for today guys. Stick around for the 3rd part of my million parts long Mexican series, I swear it’s coming soon…

Want a sneak peek? A little foreplay? A bite? A taste? A tease?

… And now, as a woman, I got to go to sleep cuz I have a headache. Night.

Jó éjszakát, szevasztok!

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  1. Anonymous

    The mechanics are facinating, good job on your post, you are very creative and obviously a very intelligent person, i look froward to seeing more post, great job.


    1. nononemeth

      Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 Haha yes, some might say it’s waaay too casual… I’m trying to write my posts as I would tell my stories to a friend while having a glass of wine – or two…


  2. Blogs like the ones which you write bring out the real side of the tourist places and help people like me to know more about these before visiting these. Would like to point out that the famous History Channel program of Ancient Aliens also describes this place in many of its documentaries as a great creation of the ancient times.


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