Room with a View | El Pez a Colibri Boutique Hotel – Tulum – Mexico

Jó reggelt, szevasztok …

In my previous post about RIU Palace, Playacar I already mentioned that it was nice and luxurious and literally everything… but I still preferred the hotel we stayed in Tulum. You will see why, in few minutes…


When I first sat down and started to search for a hotel in Tulum I fell in love with pretty much all of them. They have this… this vibe I just can’t resist. I was searching for something nice, but cozy with a beach view – of course. I’m more into nature and the ocean breeze than the stone cold marble everywhere around, so Tulum is the perfect hipster destination for me – especially if I have to choose between Cancun, Playacar and this place.

I was browsing in the area called Zona Hotelera, which is situated on a long road that runs all the way next to the beach and it’s full of boutique hotels, restaurants, and bars…

DSC_0086… yea, by full I mean FULL… and this is not even the whole list

Of course, you can find cheaper options or your budget can be sky high in one of the luxurious hotel chains – you will definitely find something great here.
Most of these hotels have that tropical vibe I personally adore so much. So it was super hard to choose from all the hippie style of hotels, and sea view rooms, with hammocks and the outside rainfall showers – fuck the mosquitos, it’s just amazing to have a shower under the stars.  Everywhere you go is literally a boho-chic Instagram moment…

El Pez a Colibri Boutique Hotel, Tulum

This place was the chosen one for us and it was simply magical. It has the perfect location, like 3 miles from the centro and also from the archeological site – you can rent bikes or even a car. We used taxis, a trip to the center and to the ruins costs like 100 pesos. As I said before the taxis are running without a meter, it’s based on negotiation and they will try to rip you off. – not Tulum’s fault, they do it in Hungary too… Whatever. Let’s go back to Paradise…

….oh my Goddd I wanna go back right now, instead of going to work tomorrow

On arrival, they invited us to the restaurant and we got a welcome drink with rum and rum and oh yea rum.

… Bienvenido a Tulum…
It’s like a fucking wallpaper, I can’t even… Ah.

As we were chilling in the bar area – and I lost my breath by the view – …they brought the suitcases up and finalized our room with a bottle of sparkling. A really nice host guy was quickly showing us around and led us to the room…

Reservations – El Pez a Colibri Boutique Hotel

I think the best part – or worst, you decide after your stay – of the room is that it has NO TELEVISION.
Yepp, you actually have to talk to your significant other for a week – and probably realize you are not even that perfect for each other after all. Obviously, I’m just joking now, and the breakups are not the hotels’ fault… I will go back soon too, hopefully with a perfect companion. But not to room Coral though…  – cuz well, that would be awkward.


But I would totally and definitely recommend to every couple – especially in this fast-paced life we live in lately – … just to go away somewhere far from the usual routine, preferably somewhere with no tv, and weak signal, and well… get to know each other. I have to admit, lesson learnt…  – big time. 


Now few words about the food, cuz food goes to the heart, food is happiness, and the restaurant in El Pez a Colibri Hotel needs to be mentioned, cuz wow…
Breakfast is included, plenty of things to choose from, although it’s not a buffet. Still, you can find classic Mexican food and international yummies on the menu.

Granola, yogurt, fresh fruits, and juices.
Eggs Benedict, avocado toast and Huevos Rancheros.

Amazing, I really enjoyed it, maybe you will have way more choice in a buffet restaurant but… I don’t know, it has a different vibe…
Especially with a view like this…


During the daytime, they are open for lunch and of course the bar as well for gorgeous drinks – locals, and international cocktails too, but as we were always wandering somewhere, we had no chance to try that. We had dinner there, on the last night – not included, but the prices are not expensive at all.

Calamares, Consome de Pollo, a burger, and I lost the picture of my steak

Really really tasty, you would think ah it’s a random burger or steak, but fuck me up it was great. Even that soup… when it arrived at the table I was like… nah thanks, I will skip on that – never judge by the looks. It had the most amazing flavor I’ve tasted during those 10 days in Mexico, seriously. In Cancun, we had lunch in a place called La Parroquia de Veracruz they had a soup with a similar name, but the flavor wasn’t what I was looking for… Heartbreak.

On the bright side, each morning they were bringing fresh coffee and left it outside on the balcony – no early wake-up knocking, thank God. Also every night someone arrived with tea or some fruit juice. Even shortly after we checked in a lovely guy served a tray of drinks and chocolate. It was a really nice gesture – but kind of …. well, very unexpected at the beginning.


Remember I told you in the previous post about RIU hotels that all these nice little things, on the other hand, caused few awkward/funny stories? Well, in all 3 hotels where we stayed – or is it simply everywhere in Mexico?! – the staff just knocks once and literally 0.1 second later they are opening the door with the master key and they are in, whether you want it or not – whether you naked or not – ¡No molestar, por favor! –  3 times we nearly got busted in the middle of … things. If you are on a holiday it doesn’t matter if it’s 4pm or 10 pm, please.
¡Ocupadooo! for fuck’s sake…
And in RIU someone came to tidy up the room around 9 pm, anyway.  And in El Pez, they were bringing the drinks at random times.

The other occasion I thought that I’m alone, I was taking a shower getting ready in the bathroom and as I was walking out in my underwear a guy was already in the bedroom area, tidying up the bed. Probably we were just staring at each other in shock, without breathing or blinking for 10 seconds, but it felt like 10 minutes.
– housekeeping?
– just come back a bit later, please.

… But they do a great job, the rooms are spotless all the time which is a challenge with all the sand everywhere. If you are in the jungle surrounded by nature things like this will happen…

20181023_102402(1)ps… like Pedro happened to be in our room too

But you know what else is coming with a room like this in the middle of nowhere?

A view when you wake up…


UntitledCarretera Tulum–Boca Paila Km 5.5,, 77780 Tulum

Hotel Reception
Tel: Méx (+52) 1-984-116-3357
Tel: USA (+1) 303-800-1943
Tel: UK (+44) 20-328-73936


Go on, take a look at El Pez a Colibri or browse more HERE and find your perfect holiday spot. Click and you will find the list of the best hotels in Tulum – I already found my next destination, just saying – and it will be the Habitas Boutique Hotel  or Be Tulum

Make your reservation through this link and you will save 15£ – not just in Tulum:

… Jó éjszakát, szevasztok!

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