Camino de Santiago, Day -7 | My journey begins soon | Thoughts and stuff

Jó reggelt, szevasztok …

1 week left before my biggest adventure ever – well… so far. Yea, pretty soon I will sit on a plane with the one-way ticket that will take me away from Manchester. Take me away from everything and everyone I know, away from friends, and my daily routine, away from work and the hamster run. So you wanna hear about thoughts and stuff now, right? Well, here you go – … there are moments when I’m still not 100% sure if I reeeally realized what am I actually about to do. But it’s okay.

If you remember – if not, then click and read, please – in my review of 2018 – and plans for 2019 post I told you I’m working my ass off, and saving every penny I can to be able to do something very special this year. Well, the title of this post is not a ClickBait…


Everything happened as it was planned – … everything was falling into place to make it happen, let’s say this way. So it’s official guys…

I will do the El Camino de Santiago

IMG_7416Fisterra – 0.00 km

Few things changed tho, I’m not gonna cycle, I will walk. First I thought I will do it in 2 weeks with a bike, later I started to think… what if the tires will explode in the middle of nowhere – I have 0 experience in bike servicing. What if it gets stolen… How should I transfer my bike from England to Saint Jean Pied de Port? Should I rent one? But that’s kinda pricey… And also I will go all in, from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago, and then carry on to Fisterra by bus. It’s gonna be 800+ km. – yea, that’s one of the bits I haven’t realized just quite yet I guess…
First solo trip, first real hiking experience. Kind of jumping in the deep water, right?
20 – 25 km/day in who knows what kind of weather conditions. The hostel life by night with who knows what kind of roommates. Yea… 30 something days – I don’t have a very strict time limit, and also I don’t really wanna “just” follow the path. To be honest, my motive is not too spiritual –

I wanna get lost in Spain…

…although I will definitely have some time to think too. – … I just wanna get lost in Spain. Explore each town and city a bit, know all about the gastronomy. I wanna taste the foods and get to know the locals and experience as much as possible. With all this, hopefully, I can give you guys a bit of a different point of view of all this adventure.
So stay tuned… Cuz I believe this is going to be the best 5-6 weeks of my life, and it’s really gonna be a lifetime experience, and an achievement I will still remember in 30 years from now.

You should go and do it

The first thought about the El Camino crossed my mind around September. – of course, it was sitting on my bucketlist since forever but always felt like something unreachable and superfar. I mean, how could I leave everything behind and basically disappear for like one and a half month. What about my job, the rent, the bills, and all these real-life grown-up things. As I said before everything was falling into place to make it happen. I got fed up with the full-time job I got for 2 years. So I made my final decision and put my 2-week notice – … today was my last day actually, yay. I had to move out of my old apartment last week. Also, there’s the tiny fact that I will be 30 next week… it just made me think about my life and how everything is going, if it’s a good direction or not. What I really want… Stay realistic, but also try to make my dreams come true. Everything happened in my life at one point was like a big flashing red light saying: DO IT.


Every year I try to have a bigger trip, ideally crossing out something from my BucketList. When I started my research about the El Camino, and started to put the whole itinerary together with the stops and budget and all I realized I will need a good 1000 – 1500£ for all this – … to make one thing clear, my trip is not gonna be a pure low budget pilgrim trip in albergues, of course this was my decision, my bank account and my concerns about spending every single night in hostels with 20 other travelers in a room. You can do a low budget Camino with like 500-700£ or not even that. Later on, I will put out a post about my personal budget to break it down for you guys a bit. –
So yea anyway one of my friend told me that ohmygod with all that money, why don’t you go to Thailand for 14 nights with all-inclusive to a luxury resort? Or why don’t you redeem a bigger amount of your student loan? Why don’t you just save it? – … put it in bitcoins. – …. Cuz I don’t want that. I want to achieve something. Something meaningful and something real. I want something special.

I just feel like I have to do this for myself, for my own self-growth. – … and of course for the Blog and Instagram viewsandfollow-growth too…

I will be online more on Instagram, will try to do this whole trip as live as it will be possible – no idea how great the mobile signals are in the middle of nowhere, but I will try my best. Also, I decided I’m not gonna write any blog posts on the road, I won’t carry a laptop or tablet. I just simply don’t want to put out shitty posts in rush with bad editing and all… I will make notes and I will put together each post in a proper way after I’m back. So the Blog is not gonna die, it will be on a sabbatical only – … and me too, sort of.

Exciting things ahead, coming soon in July

… I promise I will be back on track in July with loads of tea to spill. For example a post about my own budget. List of the hotels, hostels I stayed in. Another post about the hiking things and stuff I bought and used during the trip – also where to find and buy them. Daily sum-ups will be uploaded too, with tips, and informations about each etap. And I will top all of that with a huge foodporn at the end. – …sprinkled with my bullshit on the side, as usual.


Till then, if you are interested and wanna see how are things going with me on the El Camino de Santiago please follow me on Instagram for frequent updates.

See you guys in no time,

Buen Camino,



Jó éjszakát, szevasztok!

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13 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago, Day -7 | My journey begins soon | Thoughts and stuff

  1. Nathan Kennedy

    For the record, you’re brave, inspiring and able to write in a really fun way!

    I’m gonna open an Instagram account just to follow you, lol


  2. The camino is on my bucket list, maybe next year.
    Thanks for liking my page Athens, where it all began. More posts on Greece to come, you can always see them at
    Let us know how your camino is progressing.


    1. nononemeth

      Welcome to my blog, and thank you! I got back to reality finally after the Camino, and working very hard now on the upcoming posts. Check back tomorrow, the 1st will be out 🙂
      Ps.: I met a 73 years young Lady on the way. Just do it. It’s a lifetime experience, for real.
      Buen Camino


      1. Yes Camino sounds great, I believe in pilgrimage, last year I went on a Buddhist pilgrimage to India , followed the path of the Buddha and had the good fortune to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama, I’ve been tramping this old globe since I was young and like you say 60+ is still young 😀


  3. Christian Berkey

    Buen Camino, indeed! I first learned about el Camino watching “The Way” starring Martin Sheen. And ever since, I’ve wanted to do it.

    I’ll be following your journey! If you need a daily story to keep you company, you know where to find me.

    Safe travels!


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