Camino de Santiago, Day 3 – from Zubiri to Pamplona

Jó reggelt, szevasztok …

Today supposed to be a short day after yesterday’s super-long one, so we weren’t rushing. Left in the last minute, 8am sharp – usually, they are kicking you out early in the morning from the hostels. Also at night around 11pm lights out, gates locked. Good night if you got back on time… Well, too bad if you are not. – We had some breakfast and walked around a bit in this cute town. Even though our albergue wasn’t the best, but the view was amazing. It’s sitting next to a river at the foot of a hill. Says enough I think… so let me show you actually:

… morning view

By the way, later on, I will put out a post with all the albergues where I stayed, with address, information, facilities, price, and a booking link to make your life a bit easier. –  …if you ever gonna start planning your own Camino. I just don’t wanna put waaay too many stuff into each daily posts. – … and I think it’s better if you have all the accommodation informations in the same place. So stick around, this one will be a long series, cuz I just started to share my Camino experince with you…

So where were we? Ah… sightseeing.

Has typical Spanish vibes

My feet were okay today, as long as it’s flat I can manage, but it has no time to heal. The Compeed plaster it’s not really helping, or to be honest I don’t know what’s going on underneath it. I’ve been told not to take it off as long as it’s not falling off by itself. I just feel the pressure maybe the bubble wants to grow, but it can’t because of the plaster. Maybe my shoes are small or it’s not fitting me well. Some people said that I need different socks. Well… I’m not an experienced hiker. I just bought shoes in the hiking section of the shop, socks, and backpack with very little knowledge about all this stuff. And instead of a beginner 10 km hike I jumped into the deep water and started with the Camino de Santiago – 8oo km. Thankyouverymuch.


So, I don’t know what’s wrong at the moment. Hopefully, I will just get used to the daily walking, my shoe will get the shape of my feet soon … I don’t know.  Maybe tomorrow will be better, cuz we arrived to Pamplona very fast today, wasn’t a long or hard walk. For tonight I booked a hotel, so I will have a good rest and be brand new by tomorrow – or at least that’s my plan. Although I have to take a look around in Pamplona because this city is very beautiful and has some special things to it.

We arrived straight to the old town surrounded by the original defensive walls. The city was super quiet, it was a Saturday so probably everybody was still sleeping – … Spanish way.
We were super early, I couldn’t even check in to my hotel yet. I met a 73 years old pilgrim woman in the lounge area, with her backpack and her stick… Walking the Camino. I was amazed by her seriously. I mean I was about to quit… how many times exactly in the past 3 days? …


The age doesn’t exist on the Camino. Learnt it pretty fast.
73 … 30 … 12? Who cares. I had the best talks with a 66 years old man – … cheers, Ray – … and jammed to 50Cent with a 15 years old boy. Sometimes I was so tired, walked slow, and suddenly a great aged Road Runner was just like *beep beep* and I was like what the fuck, tried to keep up but couldn’t. I don’t know what are they taking, but I need it. Seriously.


Let’s take a walk in Pamplona

…old town and a sneak peek of the Cathedral

Loved it, so amazing. It was great to finally see some proper civilization and a big-er Spanish city with all them #goodvibesonly.
I straight away felt alive and spent the afternoon and evening with sightseeing… Felt like someone pushed the OFF button on my pain receptors. I was just so happy to wander around in Spain, where I really wanna be and explore everything. The weather was great, no more rain, no more fog… It’s like yes, this is it, those Spanish vibes I’m dying for.

First of all, these houses…

Pamplona is a beautiful, green city that stole my heart with all the parks, historical buildings, the old moats I was mentioning, and a riverside.

I could just wander around on these streets for hours…

The city was so vibrant, there was definitely some fiesta something on the main square this evening. First I was like yussss, it’s the San Fermin and I am here at that special time of the year, greatest news ever. And then I realized it was probably just a casual saturday night – … clearly, cuz there wasn’t any bull up in my ass. Oh well… next time. It was amazing, people hanging out on the streets, music playing, bars and restaurants are full… Super cool, so many things to do.

Too bad I couldn’t spend an extra rest day here. My heart definitely would want it, so as my feet. But that would put me off schedule. I mean I don’t have a really tight time schedule, but it’s too early to make some changes. And I know myself, so I will want an extra day in all of the major cities and in the end I will never go home.
So my only 2 – planned – rest days are gonna be in Burgos and in Leon.
We will see…

Plaza de Toros

I couldn’t go in sadly, it would’ve been nice to see this massive building from inside. Holds over 19.000 people, it’s the 2nd biggest in Spain, and still in use for bullfights – apparently. Not a fan of that… But I understand that it’s a tradition and that it’s something that should be seen once in a lifetime… And probably one day, I will go too.


San Fermín festival

A week-long fiesta from the 6th of July till the 14th and the most famous part of it is the Bull Run. Besides that, it contains many more historical and traditional events. Thanks to Ernest Hemingway it became super popular, over 1.000.000 people arriving to participate in this festival and to see the bulls. It slowly became the most internationally known fiesta in Spain.

Basically hundreds of people running on the streets in the Old Town, while 6 bulls are chasing them.
And, well… At least the bulls can have a few minutes of revenge before they gonna get killed in the arena – … cuz every now and then there are some accidents on the streets, sometimes people can get fatal injuries. Same as the bulls tho’ later on…

Ah, let’s just not get into this, I think.

Since I had no chance to experience this week of pure fiesta yet, I don’t think there’s more I could say. I don’t wanna cut pieces of information from websites and create my version with 0 background to it.
But hopefully, one day I can go, and share that experience with you.

‘Till then you can read more about this if you click on this link:  San Fermín



See you tomorrow,

Buen Camino



… Jó éjszakát, szevasztok!

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13 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago, Day 3 – from Zubiri to Pamplona

  1. Anonymous

    Hey there! I am so excited for you and can TOTALLY relate to your writing of the challenge of this journey. There is a spiritual/emotional component to this journey that is immense and heightens the physical. Or, that’s what I experienced. I think I did more growing on that journey than any other time in my life. I know the walk changed my life, saved my marriage, and renewed my spirit. Blessings.


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