Belated life update – Covid 19 – Cancelled trips – … And I swear I finished the Camino

Sooo… Wait, how was it? Ah…

Jó reggelt, szevasztok …

It’s been a while since we last sat down and chitchat – like 6 months, so I know now you think that I should actually just shut up and go home.

… But, instead of that, I was thinking that I will try to win all your precious hearts back with lots of posts and updates and let’s just continue this journey together. In the past months I was looking at the Blog and the Instagram stats every now and then, I sat down couple of times but I couldn’t write anything. So thanks for sticking around guys, thanks for the comments and messages. Let’s get back to business…

A lot has happened though, I’m not gonna lie. Basically a new chapter in my life in every way… Cuz, you know…


*suspicious smile*

… And a great new job – temporary lost for now, due to Coronavirus ✌️, new apartment, new challenges cuz why not, new lessons very well learned, a bit of self-growth, letting a couple of past baggage go and well a massive post-camino depression – but heyho.


The 3 months I spent on the road last year was pretty much the best time of my life, it was an amazing experience. And now I just look through the window and all I see is rainy Manchester – yepp, still based here, but under a lockdown now – to make it even more enjoyable, cuz it’s a pandemic.


Honestly, I feel blessed cuz I was able to do the Camino de Santiago – French Way last year. I heard the news about the situation in Spain – and obviously from all over the world – how they closed the hostels and albergues on the way and sent the pilgrims home – if they could go home…
Probably many people have to face bigger losses than me during this time… But since it’s a travel blog I think it’s okay to tell you guys, that I missed out on a couple of trips. I was planning to spend a long weekend in Italy, for the first time ever.
Venice, cuz it’s romantic, in the middle of March – and the middle of the quarantine. For a while I thought – so as everybody else probably – that oh comeon, it’s just the flu, nothing serious just exaggerated by the media as usual.
And then suddenly it wasn’t anymore – my flight got canceled with a straight-up refund.
Next stop? Barcelona!
… Or not. Cuz my birthday trip at the end of April got canceled – our hotel booking was non-refundable, yet they OFFERED (!) a full refund for us, due to the unfortunate circumstances. Brownie points for this, big time!
Don’t even mention my next Camino plans being postponed until… I don’t even know when. I started to put together our ideas about the Portuguese Way or the Northern route with Cindy – my Camino sister, it was only in the planning phase, but that flew out the window I guess…

But on the bright side of the lockdown… I finally sat down to update my blog – cuz I swear, I finished the Camino and my stories didn’t end all of a sudden in Belorado

Just bear with me guys a little bit more…

giphy (2)

See you very soon,

Jó éjszakát, szevasztok!


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16 thoughts on “Belated life update – Covid 19 – Cancelled trips – … And I swear I finished the Camino

  1. Great post! I feel very similar, I feel super lucky to have traveled a couple months ago and felt it was truly the best time of my life. My current status is a bit contrasting, but trying to make the most of my new free time.


  2. I hear your plaintive cry. My trip to England to see a camino friend was cancelled. Trip to Greece…cancelled. Expedia cancelled my flight to Las Vegas where I was going to see Lady Gaga. Yes the world seems smaller but friends keep it in perspective. 😉


  3. Oh dear, I’m so sorry for your cancelled trips. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get to go – just not when you expected. I always try to find the positive in whatever is going on. Maybe there is something positive about rescheduling your trip for a future date.

    Your camino trip the French Way must have been amazing. I’m looking forward to reading all about it. I have a 6-country trip booked for late October. Hopefully all will be well by then.


  4. Thanks for the like of my Lost in Granada post. I’m a little late getting back to WordPress too. We were locked down in Malaga for a month and confined to the city for another two due to the emergency. We managed OK, waiting to see if we get any refunds on cancelled flights and bookings. Cheers.


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